We’re Having a Baby + Another Exciting Announcement!!

Happy Sunday!

It’s finally time to write this post that I have been yearning to write for some time now! I am so so excited to update you guys on what has been going on in my life. I also want to thank you all for sticking along with me in my absence lately, we will get into where I have been below!

In case you missed it, we announced on instagram (@paigeschusterblog) on 9/21 that we are expecting a little one come March 2020! Below is our announcement pictures. My husband is a HUGE Green Bay Packers fan so we thought it would be fun to take the announcement photos at the field since we were there for a game! I love love love how they turned out.

So, now that you know that exciting news, lets get into how my pregnancy has been thus far.

Starting from the very beginning, we lost Mitch’s beloved grandma Janet July 18th. She had been saying to us and to strangers (lol) consistently that she couldn’t wait for us to get pregnant to carry on the Schuster name. The next morning on July 19th, I realized I was late so we decided to take a pregnancy test. I did an online order for pregnancy tests at Target for in store pick up and when I went in to pick them up, the poor girl was training and it was her first ever online order task! We then drove to Mitchell’s parents house to help sort pictures for the funeral. I went down to their basement bathroom and tried to be as discreet as possible. I had never taken a pregnancy test in my life so I thought for sure it would be negative on the first try. However, I was very surprised to see two very strong lines on the first test. I ran to show Mitch, and he made me go to the store to get a different brand of tests to take more to be sure. After 5 positive tests (lol) it finally hit him! We were so so excited but had to quickly change our demeanor so that we didn’t spill the beans too early! That next week, I went to my first appointment where I took a blood test to find out we were 5 weeks along. Mitch and I wanted to celebrate the two of us for a while before telling others and wanted to have another appointment before we started telling others. We went in for our second appointment at week 7 and had our first ultrasound where we detected babys heartbeat and were able to see the little guy/gal for the first time!

*I do want to express that I am so very thankful we were able to get pregnant. My heart goes out to those who are struggling to get pregnant or are unable.

Week 8, we announced to Mitchell’s family at his birthday outing. He and his dad have birthdays 3 days apart so we were celebrating the both of them by having a pontoon day. We ordered a birthday cookie for his dad and had him open it. The cookie then read “Surprise! Baby S Due March 2020”. His dad was absolutely shocked then the rest of the family rushed over to see! The next weekend, we went to Iowa to visit my sister and my parents met us there to celebrate Mitchell’s birthday with them. We ordered the same cookie again (cookies are a huge tradition in my family for birthdays) and brought it to Iowa. We always have the cookies decorated really cool so I told my mom to look at it right when we got there. Again, they were shocked and so excited! It was so fun to see everyones reactions! Below are some photos from the cookie reveals for our families.

Now, lets get into how my pregnancy has been!

At week 5, I was feeling great. I really did not feel any different and kept saying wow this is awesome, I don’t think I am going to even get sick! Week 6 came along and I was down for the count. From week 6-week 13, I was throwing up all day every day, around 10x per day. I was exhausted and had zero energy. I would go to work, throw up all day at work, then come home, eat dinner and head straight to bed. I wanted to toughen it out and let it go away on its own but it was not lightening up in the slightest. Finally at week 13, I asked my doctor for something to help with the nausea and was prescribed a nausea med. Now that I have had that, I only throw up 1x per day which I am more than happy with. Oddly enough, I found comfort in the nausea. It reminded me that I had a baby growing inside me and for that I was so thankful. I am now 14.5 weeks and am finally getting energy back and I so so happy about it! I have missed blogging/instagramming/interacting with you all so much.

I made two huge fall clothing orders today so get ready for content coming your way! I will also be back into my regular routine of things of sharing daily sales and quotes this week!

Side note- we did the NIPT blood test at week 13 to detect genetics and the gender. The envelope has been sitting at the office for over a week now and I just cannot get myself to go get it. Our gender reveal is next weekend, October 5th so I am holding off to get the envelope until later this week so that I am not tempted to open it! I am so beyond excited for our gender reveal!!! Up until week 13, I was adamant it’s a girl, but now that the gender is in the envelope and detected, I think boy! I guess we will see on Saturday! We will be very happy and excited either way!

Now onto the other exciting announcement!! ….


When we found out we were pregnant on July 19th, we looked at each other wide eyed and realized oh my gosh we just signed another 1 year lease in our one bedroom apartment! We immediately contacted Mitch’s uncle who owns a real estate company in the cities. He was the first to know we were pregnant and kept the secret for us very well! We then started going through houses with him and were not satisfied with any of the houses that were currently on the market in our area. We went through a new build and I immediately fell in love with the builders work. We then contacted the builder and got the ball rolling. Once we made the decision to build, we went down to our leasing office and told them of our situation. Since our new lease didn’t start until 9/1/19, we were luckily able to make the change to month to month. We were beyond happy with how well our leasing office worked with us.

We finally found a lot (pictured above) and had our design appointment this past Tuesday. I was so in my element at the design appointment, I was truly living my best life. I cannot wait to see the final product!! It was so fun to be able to go through and pick everything out ourselves. I am very very thankful we are able to build our first home and design it! The building process is now getting started and it should be ready February of 2020! Hopefully we have a mild winter and it will be done on time so we can move in before baby! Everyone cross your fingers for us that this is the case.

Wow! That was a lot. I hope this blog posts helps in explaining where I have been and what you can expect going forward. I am so beyond excited to start sharing home decor, maternity fashion, pregnancy updates, and baby gear with you all!!

Thanks for reading! Xoxo

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  1. Omg how exciting! I can so relate to the first trimester you had. We’re currently trying for #2 and I’m so nervous about having to go through all that with a toddler now 😅. Anyways, congratulations on both your baby and your new house! ❤

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