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This was the one weekend of October that we had absolutely nothing planned, and it was amazing. If you have not already caught on, Mitch and I are huge home bodies. Don’t get me wrong, we love to travel and go out and enjoy fun things, but we both throughly enjoy a weekend at home together with Sophia. On Friday night after work, Mitch helped me set up my Twitch page and I am obsessed with it! I am going to start live streaming a lot after our trip to Colorado this coming weekend. On my live streams, I will cook, show my workouts, film get ready with me’s, fashion hauls, talk about my favorite makeup products and how I do my hair/ style my outfits. I am so excited for this- make sure to be following me, you can find my page here. Also, be sure to follow me on all my social media outlets, I will announce on my insta stories and twitter when I will be going live! Saturday, Mitch and I literally had a blast shopping together. We used to always go shopping on weekends together until we got Sophia, she has taken up a lot of our attention since then haha! But, we decided to take some time for us to have some fun and go shopping like we used to and I think we will incorporate that into our weekends more often now that we were re-exposed to how fun it is. We started off by going to Home Goods, and I had an absolute hay day. I ended up getting a new desk chair, a faux fur throw for my chair, a full length mirror and new curtains for our room. I am ob-sessed with everything I got. After that, we went to the mall and ended up getting our favorite candles at Bath and Body Works (I will link them below the Vlogtober Day 14 video). After that, we went to Target and got our grocery shopping done for the week. Needless to say, it was a good thing we chose to drive Mitch’s Truck that day. Also, Mitch ended up ordering some stuff to better his PC that day too, so he as well had a hay-day shopping! Saturday after shopping, we literally deep cleaned our entire apartment which was much needed. We cleaned every thing, I am talking cleaning out the fridge to cleaning our dust pan. Yes, I got so into it that I cleaned our dust pan. Lord help me. After that, we cuddled up into our king size bed with Sophia and watched the first Saw movie. I have never watched the series so Mitch wanted me to watch it before the new one comes out so we can go see it in theaters! Sunday we did our normal routine of watching football, cooking something up in the crock pot, doing laundry and prepping for the week ahead. I also ordered a few more home decor items online from Target and I cannot wait to get them. Once I get a vision in my head, I cannot stop shopping and adding things until my vision is complete. I cannot wait for these additions to our apartment, they are going to make it oh so cozy! Which is my vision ;). Anyway, we had a great weekend this weekend and hope you all did as well! We’ve got a short/busy week ahead of us this week before we head to Colorado on Friday!

Below, are the three vlogtober videos from the weekend! I hope you enjoy them. I cannot believe we are already halfway through Vlogtober, I have been enjoying every minute of it! I just might have to keep up with vlogging during the week and incorporating it in our weekend vlog otherwise I just might miss it too much haha!

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Marshmallow Fireside

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