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Happy Sunday!

Instead of blog posts on Tuesday and Thursday this week, I will be sharing blog posts today and tomorrow (Monday)! Mitch and I will be in Miami this week so I want to be sure to give you the blog posts before we go in case there is spotty wifi there. I usually do monthly favorites videos on my YouTube channel but honestly life has been way too busy for me to sit down and film. Therefore, I thought I would just compile a bunch of my recent favorites to share with you gals. Without further ado, lets get into the items I’ve been loving recently.

Day Designer Planner: Ok no joke, best planner ever. Ask my mom- I would literally make her go planner shopping with me at least once a month in the school year because I was that obsessed with planners. I have always hesitated about getting one with an hour by hour template but I have seen so many people talk about this planner so I thought I would give it a whirl. This planner makes me SO organized and get so much done with my day. I sit down each morning, plan out my day hour by hour, make my to-do list and prioritize my top three things that I need to get done that day. I know everyone is different and this may give some people anxiety (my husband always cringes when he sees how much I plan out my day) but for those who need to write everything down, this is the planner for you. Plus- its super pretty!

Hydro Flask: I recently have started a new workout program and along with that made it a goal to drink at least 80oz of water everyday. I have accomplished that goal daily ever since and I owe it all to this water bottle. It is very pricy for a water bottle, I know. But it is 40oz and keeps your water so cold throughout the day, also the straw makes it easier for me to get my water in! I love this water bottle so much that I purchased it in two colors, flamingo and mint and they are both such pretty colors!! I keep one at home and take it with me on all of my errands and the other I keep at work!

Gold Airpod Case: If you have airpods, I highly highly recommend getting one of these cases. This case protects my original airpod case and does not add much bulk to it at all. I noticed my airpod case was getting easily scratched so I invested in this gold case and it is amazing and cute at the same time. It does have an opening for the charger port and is super affordable! This gold case that I got is also scratch proof so it will stay looking nice for a long time!

Daisy Rose Checkered Wallet: You guys- I cannot say enough good things about this wallet and this Daisy Rose brand on amazon. This wallet is such good quality and looks so expensive while being beyond affordable. I can fit my iPhone XS, cards, cash and change in this wallet without it looking even remotely bulky. I find this wallet so cute and convenient to just grab and go!

Daisy Rose Checkered Cosmetics Case: I loved my wallet so much I just had to hop on and grab this checked toiletry bag and am SO impressed with this one as well. The quality is amazing and this bag can fit so much makeup its insane! Best of all this brand makes these items with vegan leather.

Gold Eternity Ring: This type of ring is so on trend right now. I was so excited to find this one on amazon for $21.99 AND the fact it was a prime item so it came super quick. I wear this ring daily paired with my Tory Burch Logo ring and it looks so beautiful! Also, I was a little worried that due to the price it would leave a green ring on my finger and it does’t! This ring is literally a perfect every day ring.

Black Jeans: Prepare yourself- if you purchase these jeans you will NEVER want to take them off or buy another pair of black jeans again other than this brand. These are no lie the most comfortable pants I’ve ever worn, I would honestly say they are even more comfortable than wearing leggings! They are so soft and stretchy and the perfect black color (not muted black at all). I purchased these jeans in a size small which according to their size chart is comparable to size 4-6 so they do run a little bit small as I am typically size 2 in jeans. Along with them being the most comfortable jeans ever, they are $25.99 and a prime item- honestly, tell me something better- I’ll wait.

Monogram Handbag: This bag is THE best bag ever!!! It is beyond adorable and fits so so much. I use this bag as my everyday work bag and get so many compliments on it. Plus, it is personalized so it is unique to you! You can use code paige10 for 10% off this bag or anything on I Love Jewelry’s site.

Nars Lipgloss ‘Turkish Delight’: I have been wearing this lipgloss nonstop lately and have been getting so many questions about it. It is the perfect light pink lip gloss and it makes you look super tan!

iPhone Case-Mate Stardust Case: If you have followed me for a while, you know that I am forever switching up my phone case but it would be safe for me to say this is the phone case that I’ve used consistently on my phone for the longest period of time. This case is so protective, cute and fits all of my preferred criteria for phone cases (yes I do have specific preferences on phone cases, lol). This case does not turn yellow on the sides or show finger prints which are two of my biggest pet peeves with phone cases.

Snakeskin Mock-neck Top: I wore this top to a blogger event and got so many compliments on it and it actually has been my most purchased item on my Like To Know It! Which is saying a lot because I literally just posted it last week. Snakeskin is highly on trend right now and I am loving it. I love that this top ties in two trends right now (snakeskin and velvet). This top runs TTS.

Colorbock Cardi: This cardi literally screams spring to me! It is a combination of the prettiest colors together, I just love it! It is currently on sale for only $16. Stay tuned, I just might be styling this on the blog tomorrow 🙂

White Platform Sneakers: If only the weather would correspond for me to be able to wear these! But, I did style them in a recent spring shoot and I was so obsessed with them. They are so comfortable and give you about an extra inch with the platform heel. Spoiler alert- these are going to be my go-to shoes for spring/summer 2019.

Vanilla Musk Perfume Roll-on: I’ve mentioned this item before but it for sure deserves another shout out. If you love vanilla scented things, you will LOVE this roll on. It is such a warm vanilla scent and it stays on and lasts throughout the whole day. I’ve never gotten so many compliments on my perfume as I do when I wear this roll on.

Essential Oil Set of 28: Don’t get me wrong, I still love my Young Living essential oils. But I wanted something for work/home that I could easily grab and know exactly what the oil was made to do/help. I love this set because it has a variety of essential oil blends to help with so many different things. If you are new to essential oils, I highly recommend starting with this kit.

Aromatherapy Heating Pad: I’ve mentioned this item before too, but also feel like it deserves infinity shout outs. In my 20’s I’ve been struggling with tension headaches and this heating pad has aided them immensely. The second I feel a tension headache coming on, I pop this lovely aromatherapy heating pad in the microwave and indulge in its greatness for 30-45 minutes. Also, since it has been so dang cold here in Minnesota, I’ve also been using it to simply warm up and it works wonders for that, too!

What items have you been loving lately? As always, I love hearing and trying out your suggestions!

Thanks for reading! Xoxo

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