Pregnancy : First Trimester + Gender Reveal

Happy Monday!

If you happened to miss our announcement, we are having a baby boy! Instagram is always first to know about anything regarding my life, pregnancy, fashion, sales, house updates, ect. To catch you up on my life, check out this post here.

I am a first time mama and so so excited to share my pregnancy journey with you all. I hope that I can be a great resource for anyone who is going through a similar life journey as me or plans to in the near future. As most of you know, the first trimester was very testing for me (more details on this in the blog post linked above), and I found many tips and tricks to help power through it!

In this post I will share my first trimester must haves, what we’ve bought for baby, and share our gender reveal. Without further ado, lets get into my First Trimester updates.

{1} Preggie Pop Drops : If you find yourself being very nauseous in the first trimester, these are a definite must have. I work a corporate job where I attend many meetings. I would constantly throw up throughout the day at work and never knew when it was going to hit me. When my friend, Anna, who is also pregnant, sent me these, I could at least make it through a meeting without having to leave. I carried these with me EVERYWHERE my first trimester.

*Always make sure to check with your doctor before taking anything.*

{2} Stretch Mark Cream : Prevention, prevention, prevention. Just as everything else in life, taking preventative measures is always key. I had heard many other people talk highly of this lotion so I immediately ordered. I use it every morning and every night. Also, it is under $10 so it is very affordable to keep up with throughout your pregnancy!

{3} Prenatal Vitamin : I know many other mamas who have had to try many different prenatal vitamins before finding the one for them, and that is totally fine. I was lucky enough to find these before we got pregnant and was able to stomach them throughout my testing first trimester.

{4} Pregnancy Journal : I searched high and low for the perfect pregnancy journal and came across this one on amazon and love it! Again, it is under $10 so very very affordable. When looking for pregnancy journals, I found so many that had way too many prompts, ect. I wanted something simple and straight to the point and I feel like this pregnancy journal is just that. It covers the basics, such as your weekly updates, weight tracking, cravings, and body changes. It also has a space for a weekly bump update picture which I love. Speaking of, don’t forget to take weekly bump pictures. It is so fun to look at the progress weekly. I cannot wait to share this journal with baby Schuster someday!

{5} Water Bottle : Obviously it is always important to get in your daily water intake, but it is extremely important to do so when pregnant. During my first trimester, I was constantly thirsty and craving ice cold water. I carried around this hydroflask with me everywhere. I find that having the straw lid makes it so much easier to consume a lot of water!

{6} Face Masks : I have combination skin and it has been quite the roller coaster throughout the first trimester. It started off super oily, then I went through hormonal breakouts, then had glowing skin, rinse & repeat. I found that doing a weekly face mask really helped me combat this cycle. I highly recommend doing a weekly face mask to keep up with your skin care, and that way you get a little self care time in each week, too!

{7} Lip Moisturizer : I haven’t really heard of any other pregnant woman talk about how dry their lips were during the first trimester. But wow were mine dry constantly! I carried around this Laniege lip sleeping mask with me everywhere and was constantly applying it.

We have purchased a few of the bigger purchased for Baby Schuster so far and have completed our registry. We also have bought and been gifted SO many clothes already. I have his whole nursery planned and I cannot wait to share it with you guys once we move into our house!! I will share more as we continue to purchase items for Baby Schuster!

We did the NIPT blood test at week 13 and the gender was detected so we were able to have our gender reveal early! We had our gender reveal at week 15. When we got the NIPT results, I had them share the genetic results with me and then had them put the gender in an envelope. I had the HARDEST time telling them not to tell me the gender right away. I wanted to know the second they told me it was detected. We had already had our gender reveal party planned and it was in two weeks so we decided to wait to find out with everyone at our gender reveal. I left the envelope at the clinic for the full two weeks and picked it up the week of our gender reveal. I just could not get myself to go get it, I knew I would be too tempted to open it!

My mom and dad had the gender reveal at their house and they went all out. I am so very thankful for them for throwing the party for us and to all those who traveled to come to our gender reveal! It was truly a perfect day.

We announced by having Mitch, his dad and my dad all hit a golf ball with colored powder in it. Unfortunately, only one went off, which was Mitch’s! I was just glad that one of them went off so we didn’t have to wait in anticipation! That being said, I will link the golf balls below but would say to purchase with caution as 2/3 did not explode as it was supposed to. It turned out to be fine for us since we had 3 people doing it though! The dads were able to go hit the balls a second time and they went off the second time so we were able to get pictures of them, too! My mom, Mitch’s mom and I stood behind the boys and were able to celebrate together! I thought it was so fun to include the parents in our reveal as this is a very exciting time for them, too!

Almost everyone at our gender reveal thought girl, so it was quite the surprise! I am so excited to start off our family with a baby boy. We now get to carry on the Schuster name, and keep my dad sane with adding a boy into the mix. Now he, Mitch and baby can find other activities to do while me, my mom and sister are shopping our hearts out!

Below are some pictures from our reveal! I have linked the decor, golf balls and my dress down below!

As always, thank you for following along on our journey as we become parents! If you have any questions, or are experiencing a similar first trimester, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Thanks for reading! Xoxo

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