Nordstrom Sale 2019 Picks & Info

Happy Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!!!!

I want to start off this post with letting you know that I do not, and probably never will shop the sale as hardcore as other bloggers. As you know if you’ve followed my blog for a while, I legit only purchase items that I love and items that are a major steal. I have the hardest time buying items that are not a good deal because 1, I like money and 2, I don’t want to share unrealistic pieces with you guys. I always always always want to make sure I am sharing sustainable, good quality pieces with you all. I too shop from other bloggers and when I see an item I love that they shared, and click on the item to see its $100 plus for a sweater, I get annoyed and discouraged. With that being said, this sale is not everything. You do not need to drop everything or go into debt over this sale. I am here to reassure you that yes, some of these items are a good deal and if you have the means to purchase, by all means go for it, but you do not need to feel the need to keep up with the Jones and purchase as much as these bloggers are showing they have purchased. I promise you, if these items are still in stock at the end of the season, they will go back on sale.

Now that I’ve got that off my chest, I do want to be a good resource for you all regarding this sale so that you can make the most out of it. Below I will share the sale details, tips and tricks on shopping the sale, what pieces will go quick, what the fall 2019 trends are projected to be, and my top picks from all of the categories.

If you have a card, here is a quick link to the early access sale page!

*Side Note: When I am shopping the sale, I filter by items under $100 in all categories except for the designer pieces and a few beauty items! That being said, all the items you see in this post (minus the designer category & some items under beauty) are under $100, most are under $50!

What is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is a sale that occurs every year in the summer that releases new, fall pieces at a discounted rate. At the end of the sale, the prices will go back up to regular pricing. Prices go up August 5th.

Sale Dates for 2019

Early Access (for card holders only) : July 12-18

Public Access : July 19-August 4

{1} Check out frequently. Items sell out quickly, and shipping is free, so if you have items you know you want, check out as soon as you see it available.

{2} Get basics. One thing that is for sure about this sale, is that the basics are highly sought out because they are such a good deal. Now is the time to stock up on your basics for a discounted price.

{3} If you’re a designer fanatic like me, but only purchase them when they are a deal, this sale is for you. This sale is a rare time for designer pieces to be on sale so take advantage!

{4} Have events coming up or need gifts? I always shop the beauty page for Christmas and birthday gifts to order and have on hand. I also try to plan out outfits for any upcoming events I may have with pieces from the sale. They have so many dressy pieces on the sale that are a great deal! I also have quite a few friends having babies or buying houses, so I’ll also be shopping for baby gifts and housewarming gifts to have on hand!

Items that will be sure to go quick are designer pieces, cardigans, basics and booties.

{Women’s Fashion}

{Women’s Basics}

{Women’s Loungewear}

{Women’s Activewear}

{Women’s Outerwear}

{Women’s Shoes}







From shopping the sale, I always leave knowing some trends that are going to be coming about in the upcoming fall season. Which is something I truly love about this sale! Here’s the trends I’ve gathered from this years sale:

Snake Print

Leopard Print




Mom Jeans


Oversized Peacoats

*I will be going to the local Nordstrom’s to do some try on hauls so be sure to be following me on the app and on instagram (@paigeschusterblog)!

*As always, let me know what you purchase from the sale and tag me if you style something inspired by me! Also, thank you for shopping through my links, it is greatly appreciated!

Thanks for reading! Xoxo

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