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If you follow me on instagram, you know that Mitch and I recently went to Miami, FL and thoroughly enjoyed our trip there! The past two years, Mitch and I have spontaneously been booking a trip somewhere with better weather than we have that is on our bucket list. Last year, we went to Charleston, SC and absolutely fell in love with it. You can find that travel guide here. This year, the night before Valentines day, Mitch and I were talking and we both realized we hadn’t gotten each other anything as a gift (oops!). So we decided to get each other a vacation (I am so thankful we have the means to be able to travel right now, we are trying to get in as much as we can alone together before we expand our family). We initially wanted to go to California, but after researching their weather during the week we wanted to go, we realized it wasn’t as warm as we had hoped for. Mitch and I both had Miami on our travel bucket list so we looked up their weather next. We came to find 70-80 degree weather and stopped our search right then and there. We were there for 4 days and had an amazing time. I feel as if 4 days was ample time to explore the things we wanted to in Miami. Although at the end of it, I was for sure not ready to leave the weather. Anyway- below I will share with you the outfits I wore while in Miami along with some of the places we discovered in Miami.


We stayed at Eden Roc on Miami beach and wow were we ever impressed. The accommodations they had were amazing and resort-like. The best way to describe this hotel was that I felt like I was at a higher end resort but in the United States if that even makes sense. I would compare this hotel to the resorts I have stayed at when I have left the country. This hotel is drop dead gorgeous and so so clean. Every time we walked into our hotel, Mitch and I would comment on how good it smelt. The hotel has 3 different pools and is also on the beach. They have many many different lounge areas by each pool so we always had somewhere to sun bathe. On the beach, they also had hotel employees who would provide chairs & towels for you as well as a bar where they would serve you drinks and some food. Each and every hotel employee we came across was super nice. The hotel had two restaurants, one with a bar, and a bar in the center of the lobby. Also in the lobby was a cute little cafe where we would get our morning coffee and breakfast at before heading to catch some rays. There was also a spa at the hotel and a gym with fitness classes you could sign up for. The one and only complaint I have of this hotel is that their spa rates were out of this world expensive. I really wanted to get a couples massage but it was $800+ so we were pretty disappointed with that. All in all, I highly highly recommend Eden Roc if you are ever traveling to Miami.


In Miami, there were two options for the beach. Miami Beach and South Beach. We actually never went onto South Beach because we enjoyed Miami beach so so much and our hotel was literally on Miami beach so it was much more convenient for us. We did go to the South Beach area during the day one day and saw the beach vibes from afar. I would say if you are wanting an upbeat, party vibe, South Beach is for you. If you are wanting a more relaxing beach vibe, Miami Beach is for you. If I was a college spring breaker, no doubt I would have spent more time on South Beach versus Miami Beach. However, my main priority for this vacation was to simply relax so Miami Beach vibes were calling my name. Miami beaches sand was absolutely beautiful and like no other that I’ve seen. Mitch and I both commented on how it was like tiny little crystals. The water was also turquoise blue and beyond beautiful.


Yardbird Southern Table & Bar

The Social Club (amazing breakfast)


CJ’s Crabshack


Orange Blossom

{Things To Do}

Shopping on Lincoln Road

Jimmy’s Fiesta Cruise

Bayside Mall Area

*We personally did not make it here, but I highly suggest checking out Wynwall. I wish we could have made it there but we wanted to embrace the beach as much as we possibly could!

If you have any questions on Miami that I did not cover, please feel free to comment on this post or DM me on instagram (@paigeschusterblog)!

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Thanks for reading! Xoxo

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