January Best Sellers & Monthly Favorites

Happy Sunday!

Wow, January felt like it was 72 years long, anyone else feel me?! Although it was a great month, it sure felt really long which I personally am thankful for. We have so much coming up that I kind of needed a calm before the storm. At the end of the month, we got our closing date for our house (yay!). We will be moving mid-end of February so get ready for allll the home content! Then after that, it will be all prep for baby Schuster! I hope you guys are as excited as I am for home and baby content to be added to Paige Schuster Blog!

Anyway, I discovered SO many holy grail items in January this year. I hope you enjoy seeing what I found. If you purchase anything from my recommendations, I hope it integrates into your life seamlessly & that you love it, too!

{1} Gucci Dupe Earrings – I am obsessed with these earrings myself! I literally wear them almost every day! They are so light weight, classy and fun all wrapped in one.

{2} Barefoot Dreams Blanket- You guys, all I have to say is that these blankets are worth every single penny and worth all the hype you hear about them. These are the softest blankets ever. These blankets are typically around $108-$180 so the fact that Nordstrom Rack has them for under $50 is a steal of a deal! I had to order another one because Mitch and I both always wanted to be using it.

{3} Hustle Sanely Digital Planner – I have been obsessed with planners, pens, binders, phone cases, all things organization, etc. since I was in elementary school. I have always been a paper planner until I found this digital planner from Hustle Sanely. As I have mentioned many times before, my iPad Pro is literally life. I decided to try out this digital planner and needless to say I am obsessed, and so are you guys too! I share a tutorial on the planner on my instagram @paigeschusterblog saved under my planner & VB highlight if you want to check it out!

{4} Essence Lash Princess Mascara – The best mascara ever. You can get 1 for $4.99 or 3 for $14.97- seriously so cheap!! This mascara literally takes two swipes and it looks like you have falsies on. It also does not flake during the day. Best of both worlds!

{5} Turqoise Sweater – If you have been following me for a while, you know I love styling anything turquoise. I was so glad to see that you guys loved this sweater, too!

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*Another thing I have been loving this month is my loopy phone case! You can shop loopy cases here, and use code paigeschusterblog for 10% off!

Thanks for reading! Xoxo

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