BEST OF 2019; Top Purchases & Best Sellers

Happy 2020!

I know it is a few weeks late, but upcoming life events hit me hard the first few weeks of the new year. I have like 30 different tabs open in my brain at all times with things to do for the house, house apts, doctors apts, baby showers, what we need for the baby, ect. Although it’s been a busy time, I am so so thankful for all that we have coming up. 2019 was an amazing year for us, we traveled to Denver, Miami, Up North MN, Wyoming twice, Green Bay twice, Iowa, South Dakota and Siesta Key. We found out we were expecting our first child, and began building our first home. 2019 is going to be hard to top. However, considering we are gaining and home and a child this year, I think 2020 is going to be one of our best years of our lives. Anyway, I hope you all have had a great start to the new year! I wanted to share with you my personal top 19 favorite purchases from 2019 and my top 19 best sellers from 2019 (aka your favorite items!). Lets get started!

{1} iPad Pro : This iPad is LIFE! Literally I organize my entire life on this iPad. Mitch purchased this for me for my birthday (I have the 11 inch 2018 version) and I have never been more obsessed with a tech item in my life. That being said, a big reason why I love this item is due to the Good Notes app- you can make multiple notebooks and write everything out. Aka, a list lovers dream app!

{2} Apple Pencil : Going along with my iPad is my apple pencil. If you have an iPad that is compatible with an apple pencil, I highly highly recommend getting it! I write literally everything down on my iPad in my good notes app and it helps me stay so organized. I so wish I would have had this iPad and apple pencil in college, talk about going paperless! This apple pencil also is super fun to use on my iPad for drawing on your insta stories!

{3} Airpods : Lol, yes my top three items are all apple / tech products and I am dang proud of it! It was a year of tech for me, that is for sure. These airpods are literally life changing. I work a full time desk job where I am on the phone a lot of the day. I put one airpod in and listen to music or podcasts ALL DAY LONG and it has helped my mindset at work so much. Also, as I said before we did a lot of traveling in 2019 and these are a travel must have! I also love the case I got for them which is linked here. I ended up gifting my mom and sister both a case for Christmas because they are super cute, protective and easy to tell your airpods apart from others!

{4} Hydroflask : So good I ordered 3 different colors. I have the flamingo pink and lilac for at home, and the turquoise for at work. I purchase the straw lid with all of them and get the 40 oz bottle. I don’t think I’ve ever drank so much water in a year than I did this year and its all because of this hydro flask! It keeps the water so cold!

{5} Barefoot Dreams Blanket : I am sure you have heard people raving about these blankets all of the internet and I am here to tell you, they are worth the hype. I purchased mine through Norstrom Rack and got it for $50. I knew when I saw it that price that I had to try it out. To be honest, when I first got it I thought, there is no way this blanket is worth $50-$200. I pulled it out of the box and was instantly stunned. Now Mitch, Soph and I fight over this blanket every day. It is definitely worth the hype and would be such a great gift!

{6} Laniege Lip Mask- Vanilla : Another item I am sure you have heard all about this year that is also well worth the hype. I have had the original laniege lip sleeping mask for almost two years now and have barley made a dent in it, so it is well worth the $20 investment. When I saw it came out in vanilla, I knew I had to have it. If you are new here, hi I love anything vanilla! The vanilla adds such a pretty glossy/nude look to your lips and makes them extremely soft. I apply this stuff all day long because it looks so good and smells so good!

{7} Clinique Acne Solutions Foundation : Since I went off birth control this year, I struggled hard core with my skin for a while. At first, it was super oily but clear, then it broke out like never before. I discovered this acne solutions foundations and it was a God send. This foundation has helped in clearing up my skin, and lasts all day long without letting any oil come through. I am so glad I discovered this foundation this year! I wear ‘cream chamois’ for reference.

{8} Sorel Dupe Booties : I kid you not, I have searched high and low for dupes to the Sorel booties I wear non stop each fall/winter for TWO YEARS straight. When Target came out with these booties I was ecstatic. I instantly purchased them and became obsessed. I ended up wearing these booties more than my sorels this year! They are exact dupes, height and everything. And honestly, the Target booties are a faux leather so they are easier to clean!

{9} Steamer : I take this thing with me everywhere. I order a lot from amazon and shein and their clothes are always packaged up so they do get a little wrinkled in the process. This little steamer has come in handy so many times! And it is only $20!

{10} Black Pants : I am sure you are all not surprised on this one. I discovered the BEST black pants in 2019. I have 4 black pairs, one mauve pink and one checkered because I love them THAT much. These jeans are so flattering, high wasted and stretchy. They grew with me until week 23 of pregnancy, too! Not to mention they are very affordable (under $30).

{11} Robe : If you watch me on instagram (which if you don’t, you should – @paigeschusterblog), you know I LIVE in robes at home. I purchased this leopard print one this year and am obsessed.

{12} Gucci Dupe Earrings : I mean how cute are these?! They are under $15 and instantly elevate any outfit!

{13} Leopard File Folders : With building a house and having a baby comes A LOT of paperwork. I ordered these file folders and they are super cute and keep me so organized!

{14} Digital Planner : I have always have been and always will be obsessed with planners. Typically I buy around 5 paper planners per year because I always am wanting to switch it up. However, I came across Hustle Sanely digital planners and decided to try it out. I am hooked! Best.planner.ever.

{15} Pregnancy Diary : If you are expecting or know someone who is, get this diary! It is simple, easy and fun to fill out weekly. It asks how you are feeling, changes in your body and cravings. It also has a place for bump pictures. I cannot wait to share it with baby boy someday!

{16} Vanilla Roll On Perfume : I take this roll on with me everywhere and wear it daily. The scent is so warm and refreshing! I get compliments on it everywhere I go.

{17} Sound Machine : Oh wow does this make a difference in getting good sleep. We now cannot go anywhere with out it!

{18} Massager W. Heat : Easily one of the best purchases I have made of all times. I use this almost nightly on my neck and low back. It has helped me so much with back pain during pregnancy!

{19} Aromatherapy Microwaveable Neck and Shoulder Pad : I get frequent headaches and migraines and this has helped minimize them so much. Whenever I am feeling one come on, I put a little peppermint and lavender essential oils on it, microwave it up and enjoy! It feels so good and is so relaxing.

Another thing I discovered & love this year is Loopy cases! I am sure you have seen many people using these on instagram, and rightfully so. They are such an amazing, protective case that is still super cute! You can use code paigeschusterblog for 10% off your case if you are interested!

These items are what you all loved most throughout 2019! They are in no specific order. I wanted to also take the time to thank you all so much for using my links. I appreciate it so much and it allows me to continue sharing products I love with you guys! You all are the absolute best!

Thank you for reading! Xoxo

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