Amazon Prime Day Deals & Details

Happy Monday & Happy Amazon Prime Day!!

I am not sure about you, but wow I am loving all of these sales but wish they were spread out more time wise! If you are not familiar, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale & Target Deal Days are both currently going on as well. I do have a full post on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale that you can find here, and share some Target Deal Day picks on my instagram stories (@paigeschusterblog).

As you all probably already know, I am obsessed with amazon prime, and I am sure you are too, rightfully so. Therefore, Amazon Prime day trumps all sales for me. I love amazon because it has fast delivery, and any item you could possibly need in bulk for an affordable rate. With that being said, this is one of my favorite blog posts to put together!

This year, while shopping the sale, I am not going to lie- I feel a bit overwhelmed. There are SO many deals included in amazon prime day that I don’t really even know where to start. Therefore, I linked the items that really stood out to me for this blog post but highly recommend shopping the sale as there are so many other items, and not to mention more that will be added throughout the sale.

Without further ado, lets get started into the sale details, my tips and tricks on shopping the sale & my picks!

What is amazon prime day? Amazon prime day is a two day sale with thousands of amazing products included at a discounted price exclusively for those who are amazon prime members.

What days are the sale? July 15 & 16

*Some items on the sale are flash deals (limited time only) while others will be listed for the two days of the sale. There will be new items added to flash sales throughout the sale, so be sure to check back on the sale.

*You can also “watch” items on the sale. This is helpful to watch an item so you will be notified if it is almost sold out or if it happens to become a flash sale!

*Each item will tell you how “claimed” it is. This will show you an idea of how many they have left for the sale. For example, if an item is 9% claimed, you don’t have to jump on that offer and can watch it. If it is 90% claimed, I’d jump on it if it is something you really need/want!


{Beauty / Self Care}


{Home Decor}


Happy Shopping!

Thanks for reading! Xoxo

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