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Happy FriYAY!

You all know I love my designer pieces but wow these amazon dupes are good!! They also do not burn a hole in your pocket, best of both worlds right?! Better yet, most of the dupes are amazon prime items so they will ship quick!

I have purchased quite a few amazon dupes lately and have been wearing them non stop. I also have my eye on so many other amazing dupes that I have discovered recently on amazon. Some of which I have heard people talk about and say good reviews, and some I discovered myself that I have not heard anyone talk about! With that being said, the items below that are pictured above are the items I have and can confirm they are great quality. The others in the widget below I do not have and cannot speak on the quality, so as always make sure to do your research and read the reviews before purchasing! Regardless, all of the dupes I have purchased are under $40, and all of the others I have found are under $200!

I do have authentic pieces in the prints I’ve bought dupes of and they are very very similar, I did share this on my instagram stories and it is saved under my amazon highlights if you want to see!

*For the LV dupe belt I purchased, I purchased in size 105, to figure this out, I simply measured my waist with our measuring tape, lol! For size reference, I typically am size 2 or 25 in jeans.

* For the Vince slip on dupes, I purchased in size 5.5 and they fit perfectly so they run true to size!

* If you have a petite wrist, the two bracelets that cater to smaller wrists are the chain link bracelet and the cross bracelet. Both of these are currently unavailable but make sure to keep checking back as they go in and out of stock frequently. The others are able to be bent smaller to accommodate smaller wrists, too!

If you purchase any of these dupes, please send me photos or tag me in your photos (@paigeschusterblog) of how you style them!!




Thanks for reading! Xoxo

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